Executive Profiles

Corporate Officers
Name Title
Sheila Herrling Acting Chief Executive Officer
Cassandra Q. Butts Senior Advisor
Lia M. Hanley Acting Chief of Staff
Kamran M. Khan Vice President, Department of Compact Operations
Paul Weinberger Vice President, Department of Congressional and Public Affairs
Chantale Yokmin Wong Vice President, Department of Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Thomas G. Hohenthaner Acting Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Frances Reid Senior Investment and Risk Officer, Office of the CEO
Senior Staff
Name Title
Jonathan Bloom Deputy Vice President, West Africa
Thomas Kelly Deputy Vice President, Policy and Evaluation
Jolyne Sanjak Deputy Vice President, Technical Services
James R. Blades Acting Deputy Vice President, Department of Administration and Finance
Jonathan Brooks Acting Deputy Vice President, Europe, Asia, Pacific, and Latin America
Nasserie Carew Managing Director, Public Affairs
Antonio Guzmán Managing Director, Human Resources
Kyeh Kim Managing Director, East and Southern Africa
Alicia Phillips Mandaville Managing Director, Development Policy
James Mazzarella Managing Director, Congressional Affairs
Agnieszka Rawa Managing Director, West Africa
John Underwood Chief Economist and Managing Director