Agnieszka Rawa

Managing Director, West Africa

Agnieszka Rawa, Managing Director for West Africa in the Department of Compact Operations (DCO) for the West Africa Region including Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, and Senegal.  Ms. Rawa manages the infrastructure, environmental and social assessment as well as procurement and fiscal accountability teams in the West Africa Region; contributes to programmatic risk management; provides day-to-day operational direction including monitoring of progress towards compact goals, management of budgets, human resources, administration, and emerging issues.  Ms. Rawa also represents the MCC to national and international external stakeholders.

Prior to this role, Ms. Rawa was the MCC Director of Environmental and Social Assessment on the Morocco Fruitree Project, the Lesotho Compact and the El Salvador Compact.  Before joining the MCC in 2009, Ms. Rawa had 16 years of predominantly private sector international development experience, most lately as a Partner with Environmental Resource Management, Inc. (ERM), and principally in South America, the Middle East and North Africa and the Southern Africa Region.  She has led the environmental, social, health and safety components of projects; managed teams involved in siting, planning and implementation of complex infrastructure projects (energy, mining, transportation and telecommunications); conducted strategic engagement with local communities, international donors, regulatory authorities and not-for-profits; and conceptualized sustainable development strategies. 
Ms. Rawa holds a Masters and Bachelors in Science from Stanford University, is a recipient of the Donella Meadows Sustainability Fellowship and is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Polish.  Ms. Rawa’s passion for development began in Morocco, where she spent 15 years of her childhood.