Jolyne Sanjak

Deputy Vice President, Technical Services

Dr. Jolyne Sanjak is the Deputy Vice President for the Technical Services Division in the Department of Compact Operations (DCO). She leads teams covering a range of topics such as agriculture, land tenure, social and gender assessment, financial and private sector development, and human development, as well as the contracts liaison team. Previously, she served as managing director for this same division which earlier included procurement, fiscal accountability,  monitoring, evaluation, and economics implementation. Through mid-2011, she served as MCC’s practice leader for property rights and land policy. She joined MCC in February 2005, bringing close to 20 years of experience related to land tenure, property registration  land markets, and broader themes related to rural development and economic growth. Prior to joining MCC, Dr. Sanjak worked as lead specialist on property rights and land policy and on rural development in USAID’s Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean. She also contributed significantly to USAID’s global efforts on special themes such as remittances and land conflict management. For six months in 2011, Dr. Sanjak served as the Chief Program Officer with Landesa.

Dr. Sanjak began her career with the U.S. Government after working as  an assistant professor of economics at the State University of New York at Albany, teaching a diverse set of courses including microeconomics, urban economics, environmental economics, and graduate level courses in economic development. Dr. Sanjak engaged in research focused mainly on land tenure, agricultural productivity and land market access by the poor. During this time, , she  also worked as a project manager and consultant on various assignments with the University of Wisconsin, Land Tenure Center, Food and Agriculture Organization, World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Dr. Sanjak holds a Ph.D. in agricultural economics with a specialization in development economics from the University of Wisconsin. She also holds a MS in agricultural economics with a specialization in natural resource management from Penn State University.