James R. Blades

Managing Director, Contracts and Grants Management

James R. Blades is Senior Procurement Executive/Managing Director of Contracts and Grants in MCC’s Department of Administration and Finance, and is also the agency’s program coordinator for the charge card program. Mr. Blades is responsible for all phases of the procurement cycle, providing strategic and operational experience on matters relating to MCC’s corporate procurement programs and operations.

Mr. Blades has been with MCC since 2007 and has more than 32 years of procurement experience obtained progressively as a cooperative education student through his current position.

Prior to joining MCC, he worked in the contracting organizations at the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense and the Naval Air Systems Command. For the past 14 plus years, including during his time at MCC, he has served as a division or branch manager in operational contracts divisions, supporting a wide range of customer organizations. He has amassed experience from simplified acquisitions through major system acquisitions.

Since 2012, he has also served in several cross-agency capacities, to include chairperson of the Small Agency Council Procurement Committee; member of the board of directors, Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI); and liaison to the Chief Acquisition Officers Council and the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council. Mr. Blades is also a current member of the board of advisors for the National Contract Management Association.

Mr. Blades was awarded a certificate of completion for the Senior Executive Fellows Program at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government in April 2014. He earned his MBA with a concentration in Contracts Management from the Florida Institute of Technology’s National Capital Region campus and a BA in Political Science from Northeastern University in Boston. He is certified at the DAWIA and FAI FAC-C Level III for Contracting Professionals, and holds a certification as a Program Management Professional through the Project Management Institute.