Jonathan Brooks

Acting Deputy Vice President, Europe, Asia, Pacific, and Latin America

As Acting Deputy Vice President for Europe, Asia, Pacific, and Latin America (EAPLA) programs, Mr. Brooks is responsible for managing the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s relationship with EAPLA countries in MCC’s Department of Compact Operations.

In this position, he oversees and supports countries implementing compact projects; provides strategic guidance for the development and implementation of compacts to ensure achievement of program objectives and adherence to MCC principles of partnership, focus on results and policy improvement; ensures that implementation of compacts meets MCC’s quality standards for procurement, financial management, environmental and social impact, and the integration of gender considerations.

Prior to this role, Mr. Brooks was Managing Director for EAPLA and the MCC resident country director in Honduras, where he was responsible for providing MCC oversight of the implementation of the Millennium Challenge Account program in the country.

He has worked in international development through various positions with Crown Agents and as a founding member of Devex.  He has experience in corporate strategy and human resource management in Latin America, as well as extensive living experience in the region. Mr. Brooks is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in Portuguese. He holds a degree in international affairs from Georgetown University.