African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA)

Working with only with developing countries that demonstrate a commitment to good government and focusing investments on projects that will encourage private sector investment, MCC’s mission-focused approach goes hand-in-hand with the goals of AGOA

Many of these countries are poised for the kind of economic growth that would yield real improvements in quality of life and regional stability. MCC investments aim to remove constraints to growth and unlock that potential. 

Through initiatives such as MCC and AGOA, the U.S. Government is showing its commitment to working with our African partners to tackle their economic challenges and boost their economies.

About AGOA

Approved by Congress in 2000, the African Growth and Opportunity Act, or AGOA, provides reforming African countries with access to the U.S. market. It supports U.S. businesses by encouraging Africa’s economic and commercial reforms, which are building stronger markets and more effective partnerships for U.S. firms. AGOA can change the course of trade relations between Africa and the U.S. for the long term, while helping millions of African families find opportunities to build prosperity:

  • By reinforcing African reform efforts;
  • By providing improved access to U.S. technical expertise, credit, and markets; and
  • By establishing a high-level dialogue on trade and investment.

Since its implementation, AGOA has encouraged new investments, trade, and job creation in Africa. It has helped to promote Sub-Saharan Africa's integration into the multilateral trading system and a more active role in global trade negotiations. It has also contributed to economic and commercial reforms which make African countries more attractive commercial partners for U.S. companies.