Threshold Program Procurements

MCC’s Threshold Program procurements are listed on the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) web site and managed by other U.S. government implementing partners. Beginning in May 2008, each implementing partner agreed to tag threshold program procurements listed in FedBizOpps with the term MCC Threshold Program.

On FedBizOpps, do a keyword search by putting MCC Threshold Program in quotes. All available Threshold Procurements will display.

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Threshold Country Implementing Partner Contacts
Program Contact Partner
{contact_program}Carlos Gavino{/contact_program} Carlos Gavino USAID
{contact_program}Tye Ferrell{/contact_program} Tye Ferrell USAID
{contact_program}Michael Ruffner{/contact_program} Michael Ruffner U.S. Department of the Treasury
{contact_program}Livia Mimica{/contact_program} Livia Mimica USAID
{contact_program}Chris Miller{/contact_program} Chris Miller USAID
{contact_program}Lisa Whitley{/contact_program} Lisa Whitley USAID
{contact_program}Bruce Abrams{/contact_program} Bruce Abrams USAID
{contact_program}Michael Eschleman{/contact_program} Michael Eschleman USAID