Impact Evaluations in Progress for the Ghana Compact
Project/Activity Focus of Evaluation Methodology
Ghana Trunk Roads Activity Evaluation
Ghana National Highway Activity Evaluation Ex-Post ERR and HDM-4 (Highway Development and Management Model)
Ghana Ferry Activity Evaluation Pre-Post
Ghana Credit Activity Evaluation Ex-Post Qualitative Evaluation
Ghana Post-Harvest Activity Evaluation Difference in difference
Ghana Irrigation Activity Evaluation Difference in difference
Ghana Land Activity Evaluation Regression Discontinuity
Ghana Water and Sanitation Sub-Activity Evaluation

How has the investment in water systems improved health conditions for the beneficiary communities? Are the improvements in health conditions attributable to the improved water systems, and why? Have the improvements in health resulted in increased availability of labor for economic activities?

Difference in difference with matching
Ghana’s Feeder Roads Activity Evaluation

Do improved roads lead to higher farm income through reduced input cost and higher producer price at the farm gate that are associated with reduced travel time and vehicle operating cost (transport cost)?

Ghana Commercial Training Activity Evaluation

Does the FBO training program cause farmers to adopt new technologies or techniques, such as using land more intensively and efficiently, choosing crops that are more competitive, or optimizing the use of inputs, including labor? What is the magnitude of any spillover from the trained farmers on proximate farmers and those in the trained farmers’ social networks? Does the FBO training program cause farmers to increase their yields, sales, incomes, and enhance their access to social services?

Randomized control trial