Benin Compact II

Benin was selected as eligible to develop a second compact by the MCC Board in December 2011. After completing the preliminary analysis and concept note phases, the Government of Benin is working on the concept paper to submit to MCC in April 2013. The concept paper will focus on improving the business environment and enabling infrastructure to reduce the cost of doing business and improve competitiveness of the agriculture sector and agribusinesses in Benin. Once MCC has assessed the project concept paper, a rigorous due diligence process will begin.

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Milestones in Compact Development

Milestones in Compact Development
Milestone Date Description
Eligibility Notification December 11, 2013 As a result of a failure to pass the Control of Corruption indicator on MCC's scorecard, the Board did not reselect Benin as eligible in FY2014. However, to encourage Benin to improve its scorecard performance the Board supported an MCC approach of "limited engagement" in FY2014. In keeping with this approach, Benin is not eligible to sign a compact and some components of development of a potential compact have been placed on hold. MCC is working with Benin to improve its scorecard performance.
Concept Paper Received April 15, 2013 UCF submitted detailed project proposals (concept papers) for agribusiness institutional reform and enabling transportation and energy infrastructure. Further due diligence has narrowed potential compact investments to two geographic zones (centered around Cotonou and Parrakou) and five value chains (cashew, cassava, maize, pineapple, and shea). Areas for potential policy and institutional reform include agricultural market regulation, taxation, transport, power, and trade.
Eligibility Notification December 19, 2012 MCC Board of Directors reselected Benin as eligible to continue developing a second compact.
Concept Note Received September 14, 2012 UCF submitted project proposals (concept notes) for rural infrastructure, business environment, value chain support and renewable energy between September and November 2012
Constraints Analysis August 22, 2012 The Government of Benin's Unité de Coordination de la Formulation du 2eme Programme et du Suivi des Reformes de MCA-Benin (UCF) completed analyses of constraints to growth and private investment, social and gender inclusion, and private sector opportunities in August 2012. The findings of these assessments were validated through nationwide consultations with civil society, women’s organizations, private businesses, donors, and local as well as national government stakeholders.
Eligibility Notification December 15, 2011 MCC Board of Directors selected Benin as eligible to develop a second compact.

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