Building the Future

  • Message from the CEO: A Personal Perspective

    After personally experiencing the state of infrastructure in various partner countries, MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes discusses the importance of investments in this critical sector to fighting global poverty.

  • What Sets MCC's Infrastructure Investments Apart?

    MCC's holistic approach to investing in infrastructure focuses on strengthening institutions and policies, instituting commercial approaches, breaking the cycle of aid dependence, and empowering partner countries to be leaders of their own economic growth.

  • Highlights of MCC's Infrastructure Investments Around the World

    Roads, dams, electric lines, seaports, irrigation canals, health clinics: MCC partners with the world’s poor to invest in infrastructure that transforms their communities by connecting them to markets, jobs, services, and real opportunities for economic growth.

  • The Future of Infrastructure

    From engaging the private sector to rigorously evaluating and learning from its infrastructure investment portfolio, MCC plays a leading role in defining how infrastructure is built and sustained for the future.