Good Governance

Watch Tanzanian President Jakaya M. Kikwete explore his country’s path toward economic development and his strategies for combating corruption and building institutional capacity. (Video courtesy

Good governance is a critical component of promoting economic growth. Policies that respect the rule of law, protect civil liberties and fight corruption help lay the foundation for a society to thrive.

MCC partners only with countries committed to good governance, economic freedom and investments in their citizens. MCC measures a country's commitment to political rights, civil liberties, freedom of information, control of corruption, and other critical factors during the competitive partner country selection process and throughout its relationship with MCC. During compact development, MCC and partner countries look closely at the policy and institutional environment to assess areas that might limit investments’ impact and sustainability and work with partner countries to plan appropriate policy and institutional reforms.

By incentivizing reform through competitive selection and ensuring an ongoing commitment to those policies, MCC and its partner countries are promoting good governance, economic growth and poverty reduction around the world.

Different perspectives, similar aspirations

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