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MCC is currently assessing impacts of the Typhoon Haiyan on its 222-kilometer road project in Samar and on 577 small-scale, community-driven infrastructure projects in Leyte and Samar provinces.  Early visual inspections of the road are encouraging and reveal limited damage to recently completed concrete works on the first section under construction.  In addition to debris from fallen trees and utility lines, and damaged structures along the road, there was damage to asphalt along a different section that was next to the coast and was submerged under the storm surge.  Also, there was some damage to bridge approaches that are currently being supported with temporary structures to ensure they are passable.  No major landslides have been reported.  All MCC and MCA-Philippines staff are safe.  While no deaths have been reported among consultant or contractor staff, three deaths have been reported by a cement supplier delivering supplies to the project.

An initial assessment of impact on the Kalahi-CIDDS sub-projects is ongoing, as most of these sub-projects are in remote locations and overseen by staff from the Philippines Department of Social Welfare and Development who are currently consumed with disaster relief efforts.  Initial reports on 88 sub-projects in areas outside of Samar and Leyte indicate 27 endured partial damage, but none suffered major damage.  It was also reported that some MCC-funded school buildings and health stations were used as evacuation shelters for individuals and families during the storm.  No reports of casualties or injuries among Kalahi-CIDDS implementers have been reported, although many have yet to be contacted.

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