Recognizing World Environment Day

Discover how five women—a herder, a single mom, a store owner, a doctor, and a textile worker—are benefiting from MCC’s $284 million compact with Mongolia. Hear them describe how they live and how the compact has directly improved their lives.

MCC recognizes that sustainable economic growth and a healthy environment are linked—which is why MCC ensures that principles of environmental and social sustainability are integrated into all compact programs. Where environmental issues pose serious risks to public health and the overall welfare of partner countries, MCC designs programs to work toward a healthier, more environmentally sustainable future.

In Mongolia, the capital of Ulaanbaatar suffers from the second-highest level of air pollution in the world. Since 2010, MCC has worked with the Government of Mongolia to improve air quality and benefit hundreds of households in the capital’s ger (traditional dwelling) districts. MCC has invested in catalyzing a market for energy-efficient and lower-emissions household appliances and providing financial support to Mongolia’s first commercial on-grid wind farm.

MCC’s Energy and Environment Project in Mongolia and the environmental guidelines integrated into all programs help ensure that economic growth does not come at the cost of environmental and natural resource degradation. Learn more about our environmental and social performance guidelines.

Contributing to a Greener Mongolia

Over the past 10 years, air pollution in the capital of Mongolia has been a growing problem MORE

Images from Mongolia

MCC’s compact in Mongolia is expected to increase economic activity by improving the land registration system; providing for sustainable management and utilization of rangelands in selected peri-urban areas; improving vocational training to help Mongolians qualify for more demanding and financially rewarding market-oriented jobs; ensuring that they become healthier and more productive; increasing the adoption of energy-efficient and lower-emission appliances and homes in the ger districts; and improving the critical north-south road.

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