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2014 Slideshows
Date Title Description
08/06/2014 Ghana Power Compact Signing On Aug. 5, 2014, MCC and the Government of Ghana signed a five-year, $498.2 million compact that will transform Ghana's power sector and stimulate private investment.
08/04/2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Slideshow President Obama hosted leaders from across Africa for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit August 4-6 in Washington. During the summit, MCC held bilateral meetings with nine countries, co-hosted a business roundtable and signed a $498.2 million compact with Ghana.
2013 Slideshows
Date Title Description
10/01/2013 Mongolia Compact Closeout Slideshow

MCA-Mongolia organized several events Sept. 5-9, 2013 to celebrate the completion of the $285 million compact.

06/05/2013 Lesotho Compact Closeout Slideshow

MCC’s five-year, $362.6 million compact with Lesotho sought to increase the availability of water for households and industrial use, test watershed management and conservation methods, rehabilitate health infrastructure, strengthen health systems, remove barriers to foreign and local private sector investment.

05/24/2013 Africa Day 2013: Celebrating MCC’s Investments in Infrastructure

To mark Africa Day, see how MCC’s compacts with Tanzania, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Morocco have invested in transportation, water, energy, and health systems infrastructure. Visit our Africa page to see all MCC’s work on the continent.

04/19/2013 New Avenues to Prosperity in Tanzania

MCC CEO Daniel Yohanness attended the compact closeout celebrations in Zanzibar, Dodoma and Tanga. See how the five-year, $698 million compact with the Government of Tanzania aims to reduce poverty and promote economic growth by investing in roads, water and energy.

03/21/2013 MCC Celebrates World Water Day 2013

See how MCC’s $2.1 billion investments in water, sanitation and water resources are having an impact.

01/07/2013 MCC CEO Attends Inauguration of Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama

MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes led the U.S. delegation to Ghana for the inauguration of John Dramani Mahama, President-elect of Ghana.

2012 Slideshows
Date Title Description
10/17/2012 Partnerships in the Field: Working together out of poverty Read personal stories from MCC staff and our partners to understand how MCC works hand in hand with them worldwide in a global alliance to end poverty.
09/24/2012 Slideshow of MCC’s ‘Holding Ourselves Accountable for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment’ Eve

On September 24, 2012, MCC hosted ‘Holding Ourselves Accountable for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment’ with guest speakers President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and President Joyce Banda of Malawi and moderated by UN Foundation CEO Kathy Calvin.

09/17/2012 El Salvador Compact Closeout Slideshow

El Salvador’s Northern Zone now has the building blocks in place to build a more prosperous future: electrification, roads, bridges, water, sanitation, and a trained workforce. Its compact helped open the Northern Zone to business and investments.

07/09/2012 Images from Mongolia

MCC’s compact in Mongolia is expected to increase economic activity by improving the land registration system; providing for sustainable management and utilization of rangelands in selected peri-urban areas; improving vocational training to help Mongolians qualify for more demanding and financially rewarding market-oriented jobs; ensuring that they become healthier and more productive; increasing the adoption of energy-efficient and lower-emission appliances and homes in the ger districts; and improving the critical north-south road.

04/19/2012 Land Mapping and Registration in Ghana and Lesotho

Many country governments, in consultation with citizens, civil society and the private sector, have sought MCC investments in property rights and land policy (PRLP) because of the central role that land, natural resources and other real property assets play in each country’s economic development. Learn more on our Property Rights and Land Policy page.

03/08/2012 I Believe in Gender Equality

MCC is committed to ensuring that gender is considered at all stages of its work with partner countries—from country selection and policy reform to project development and implementation.

02/23/2012 Ghana Compact Closeout Slideshow

MCC Ghana Compact is reducing poverty by raising rural incomes through private sector-led, agribusiness development. The compact’s goal was to transform the agribusiness sector through strategic investments in the transportation network, training, and private sector investments which are benefiting millions of Ghanaians.

2011 Slideshows
Date Title Description
10/20/2011 Benin Compact Closeout Slideshow

MCC celebrated the completion of its compact with Benin in early October 2011. The Compact addressed obstacles to economic growth by expanding a major port, promoting land security, improving access to capital and creating a more efficient judicial system.

10/07/2011 Armenia Compact Closeout

MCC’s Armenia compact represents the largest grant investment in the country’s irrigation infrastructure in more than 30 years, totalling $177 million. The program has benefitted over 45,000 farmers and will enable local water associations to maintain these resources on a sustainable basis well beyond the term of the MCC compact. Overall, nearly one-third of Armenia’s farming households, comprising 427,000 rural residents in approximately 350 communities, are expected to benefit from MCC’s compact investments.

06/12/2011 Ubungo Power Plant

MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes tours Symbion Power’s recently-purchased power plant in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with Secretary of State and Chair of the MCC Board of Directors Hillary Rodham Clinton and Symbion Power CEO Paul Hinks. This purchase was the result of Symbion’s work with MCC’s Tanzania compact.

06/10/2011 MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes Delivers Keynote Address at 2011 AGOA VIP Lunch

MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes delivered a keynote luncheon speech at the 2011 Africa Growth and Opportunity Act Forum in Lusaka, Zambia. In his remarks, Mr. Yohannes underscored the importance of good governance, sound policy and open markets to economic development.

05/25/2011 MCC in Africa, 2011

With nearly 70 percent of MCC’s portfolio benefiting the people of Africa, MCC is investing in solutions for long-term prosperity that Africans themselves are designing.  These projects include building transportation networks, increasing agricultural productivity throughout the entire value chain, improving water supply and sanitation, expanding health, education, and community services, and broadening access to finance for greater enterprise development.

03/10/2011 Gender Equality for International Development Effectiveness Slideshow

On March 10, 2011 MCC hosted the “Gender Equality for International Development Effectiveness” event with CEO Daniel Yohannes, Senator Ben Cardin, and MCC’s gender specialists discussing gender equality for development effectiveness.

02/08/2011 Honduras: ‘The Jug Half Full’

Overcoming some initial difficulties, MCA-Honduras, the Honduran entity which implemented the compact, established a water system to guarantee water access though both the dry and rainy spells of the year. We were invited to join in the inauguration of the water system as well as the naming of the community school. In a touching tribute to one of our colleagues who worked with dedication on the resettlement effort, the community named their new school, “Escuela Jonathan Nash.”

01/25/2011 Mongolia Air Quality Student Photo Competition

The International Energy Efficiency Exhibition, held in Ulaanbaatar from December 13 to 15, 2010, included a student competition organized by MCA-Mongolia showcasing photos documenting the impact of air pollution.

2010 Slideshows
Date Title Description
10/21/2010 Building the Backbone for Development in Cape Verde

Cape Verde’s $78.7 million Infrastructure Project is integrating internal markets and reducing transportation costs by improving road infrastructure on the islands of Santiago and Santo Antão and by upgrading the Port of Praia.

10/13/2010 U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s Roundtable Discussion on the U.S.‘s New Global Development Po

In Sept. 2010 MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes participated in a round table discussion with U.S. Secretary of State and Chair of MCC’s Board Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and MCC Board Member Timothy Geithner, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and USAID Administrator and MCC Board Member Rajiv Shah at the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s 2010 annual conference.

10/08/2010 A Honduran Celebration: Honduras Compact Closeout

In mid-September 2010 MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes traveled to Honduras to celebrate the closeout of MCC’s compact.

09/21/2010 MCA Logos

Logos created by each entity to promote their compact projects. Learn more about the logo requirements.

09/21/2010 Gender Integration in Practice Roundtable

MCC Hosted Roundtable discussion “Gender Integration in Practice” held on margins of MDG Summit, UNGA, and Clinton Global Initiative.

09/20/2010 U.N. General Assembly Small Business Reception

MCC Hosted event “The Role of Business in Sustainable Development” on the margins of the UNGA, Clinton Global Initiative, and MDG Summit in New York City on Sept. 20, 2010.

08/12/2010 Stories Along an Improved Road in Honduras

A four-hour drive through rugged terrain, beautiful mountains, and evergreen forest, brought me to San Sebastian, a small town in northwestern Honduras. I was there to attend the opening of 24.7 kilometers of newly improved rural roads from San Sebastian to Tomala, a town very close to the border with El Salvador.

08/03/2010 MCC in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific

An overview of MCC’s programs in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

08/03/2010 Intensifying Impact in Cape Verde

See the related blog entry.

08/03/2010 Latin America: Photos from MCC’s Four Programs

Images of work being done with MCC grants in the Americas.

08/03/2010 Visible Accomplishments in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s $113.5 million Millennium Challenge Corporation compact is reducing poverty and stimulating economic growth by investing in rural business development, reliable transport linkages, and secure land tenure. Here are snapshots of results in 2009.

07/29/2010 MCC in Africa: Improving Lives and Making a Difference

See photos of the impact MCC’s compacts are making in countries throughout Africa.

06/02/2010 Madagascar: Lessons Learned from MCC’s First Compact

In April 2005, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) signed a $110 million compact with the Republic of Madagascar to raise incomes by assisting the rural population transition from subsistence agriculture to a market economy. Strategic investments in three projects have helped rural Malagasy secure formal property rights to land; access credit and protect savings; and receive training in agricultural production, management, and marketing techniques. This integrated approach aimed to provide the rural population with the necessary conditions to use the land productively and to build profitable businesses.