• Why Do You Work to End Poverty?

    MCC has invested $10 billion toward lifting people out of poverty, but there is more to do. Join MCC by lending your voice—and your face—to our #EndPoverty social media campaign to mark International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

  • In Zambia, Clean Water and Good Health Go Together

    More than 1 million Zambians are expected to benefit from MCC's $355 million compact, which is designed to help improve city drainage, water and sanitation and the Zambian Government's ongoing efforts at water sector reform.

  • A New Approach to Water Management in Moldova

    MCC's five-year, $262 million compact with Moldova helped organize water users associations that manage modern irrigation systems, supporting the production of high-value agricultural products.

  • Unearthing Moldova's Rich History

    Crews working on an MCC-funded road project unearth ancient artifacts, including homes, pottery and tools.

  • A Global Call for 'Inclusive' Growth

    The next 15 years will require a concerted effort to promote inclusive economic growth that ensures growth continues to improve the lives of the poor. That is a driving focus of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • 70 years in the making, a bridge transforms this Senegal community

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation, as part of its five-year, $540 million compact with Senegal, financed the construction of the Ndioum Bridge. As one local teacher put it: "It’s not debatable. This will be a better future for our children."

  • Matchmaking to Promote Private Investment in Moldova

    MCC and MCA-Moldova organized a high-value agriculture investment and trade roundtable this summer to connect Moldovan farmers with businesses from abroad. Participants included U.S. Ambassador James D. Pettit and John Deere representative Dirk Stratmann.

  • MCC Evidence: Want to help the poor? Focus on economic growth

    A country's support for sound economic and social policies and democratic governance ensures inclusive growth that reaches the poorest segments of society. MCC research shows that growth in MCC partner countries includes the poor.

  • Democratic Rights Are Crucial To Sustainable Development

    Aid is generally most effective in countries with a sound commitment to accountable and democratic governance. That’s why MCC places a strong focus on democracy when selecting partner countries, which creates incentives for democratic reform.

  • Access to Power Is Empowering

    More than a hundred practitioners and thought leaders gathered at MCC headquarters in Washington, DC for the “Energy for Development Conference: Promoting a Gender-Inclusive and Pro-Poor Sector.”