• MCC Evidence: Want to help the poor? Focus on economic growth

    A country's support for sound economic and social policies and democratic governance ensures inclusive growth that reaches the poorest segments of society. MCC research shows that growth in MCC partner countries includes the poor.

  • Democratic Rights Are Crucial To Sustainable Development

    Aid is generally most effective in countries with a sound commitment to accountable and democratic governance. That’s why MCC places a strong focus on democracy when selecting partner countries, which creates incentives for democratic reform.

  • Access to Power Is Empowering

    More than a hundred practitioners and thought leaders gathered at MCC headquarters in Washington, DC for the “Energy for Development Conference: Promoting a Gender-Inclusive and Pro-Poor Sector.”

  • The future of Moldovan agriculture lies beyond its borders

    MCC's $125.4 million project funded the rehabilitation of 10 pumping stations along the country's two main rivers, the Prut and the Nistru, to improve the quantity and quality of irrigation water for more than 37,000 acres.

  • Linking markets, creating opportunities in northern Senegal

    MCC rebuilt the RN2 highway in northern Senegal, linking businesses and farmers with to major national and international markets. For some Senegalese, the new highway is already making an impact.

  • A recipe for a better future in Senegal

    MCC worked with a group of 125 women who were refugees from Mauritania and have been living in Senegal for more than a decade but were often unable to find work to start a cooperative that creates and sells packets of sweet dairy product.

  • International Youth Day 2015: A Closer Look at the Youth Bulge

    Developing countries face an unprecedented “youth bulge” that can pose serious social and political challenges or create great opportunity. MCC addresses youth bulge challenges by laying the foundation for growth that creates opportunity for young people.

  • The Evolution of Development Finance: Making Aid Dollars Count

    A truly effective development agenda that is serious about hitting our Sustainable Development Goals will have to reach beyond ODA and leverage both public and private sector investment in the developing world.

  • Conserving Jordan’s Critical Water Supply

    In Jordan, the observation of Ramadan was an opportunity to reinforce the importance of water conservation and to teach women who manage their families’ household water that conservation is not just good for the family, it’s good for the country.

  • Fighting Poverty, One Policy Reform at a Time: How Good Governance Drives Growth

    In the fight against poverty, encouraging smarter policies and better governance can be just as important for growth as dollar investments. And at MCC, promoting good governance is baked into everything we do, from country selection to project implementation.