• How You Can Make a Difference: Lessons from the USGLC Summit

    CEO Dana Hyde shares a wonderful account by David Beckmann, a Lutheran pastor and an economist who heads the organization Bread for the World, of the days leading up to MCC’s founding.

  • A strong partner for education results in Morocco

    MCC places strong emphasis on the results and impact of our projects. In coming months, MCC will work with Morocco during the compact development process to consider a range of innovative “pay for results” tools to push the envelope in education and training.

  • Paving the way for a second compact in Mongolia

    Upon her return from recent travels in Mongolia, MCC CEO Dana J. Hyde paints a vivid portrait of Mongolia’s progress, its people and the future challenges as the country begins the process of developing a second compact with MCC.

  • Protecting the environment in Mongolia and Namibia through better rangeland management

    Livestock activity contributes to forest clearing, soil erosion and desertification, which has been shown to promote harmful climate change. That’s why MCC has worked with Namibia and Mongolia decrease the pressure livestock puts on the environment.

  • In Guatemala, better tax collection means better education and better jobs

    MCC signed a $28 million Threshold Program with Guatemala that will strengthen a shared commitment to economic freedom, investment in people and good governance and attract private investment. Better education and new job skills will pave the way to prosperity.

  • Climate change resilience in MCC’s irrigation investments

    Two of MCC’s irrigation investments, the Agriculture Project in Burkina Faso and the Transition to High Value Agriculture Project in Moldova, show how MCC projects reduce vulnerability and improve resilience to the potential effects of climate change.

  • Protecting the Environment While Fighting Poverty

    MCC's mission is poverty reduction through promoting economic growth, but effective management of environmental and social concerns is central to achieving sustainable and equitable economic growth that leads to poverty reduction.

  • Protecting the environment and reducing poverty in Indonesia

    The $332.5 million Green Prosperity Project in Indonesia is designed to protect the environment while promoting improved management of natural resources. It is one of the most important environmental stewardship projects under the MCC compact with Indonesia.

  • Investing in El Salvador’s future

    MCC provides the cornerstone to the economic partnership between El Salvador and the United States by investing in projects to spark private sector-led growth and address the root causes of poverty, writes U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Mari Carmen Aponte

  • Building upon a strong partnership with Morocco

    The U.S.-Morocco Strategic Dialogue provided the opportunity to discuss the next phase of MCC's important partnership with the Government of Morocco, Deputy CEO Nancy Lee writes.