Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

MCC and the President’s State of the Union address

In the State of the Union address earlier this week, President Obama highlighted the urgent need to make progress in the world’s most impoverished countries.  He spoke about empowering women and youth, helping communities feed and educate themselves and connecting more of the world’s poor to the opportunities of a thriving global economy. The President’s eloquent statement that “progress in the most impoverished parts of our world enriches us all” is what motivates much of MCC’s work as we partner with developing countries to reduce poverty through economic growth. Take for example the enormous strides MCC continues to make in advancing gender integration and food security for the world’s poor so that economic growth can be as inclusive and sustainable as possible.

I am also proud of the ways MCC supports the President’s agenda to boost American exports and create opportunity for American businesses. Our own economic prosperity is linked inextricably to economic prosperity around the world. MCC's goal is not only to lift poor countries out of poverty but also to create stable trading and investment partners for the United States over the long term. By making investments targeted at unlocking the constraints to growth in developing markets, MCC serves as a gateway to opportunity for local and American companies eager to invest, tap new consumers and grow. The day after the President’s State of the Union address, MCC hosted a number of private sector companies for a comprehensive discussion on finance, investment, trade, and collaboration opportunities throughout MCC partner countries.

The President also spoke about the need to “stand with citizens as they demand their universal rights, and support stable transitions to democracy.” MCC is already a strong catalyst for incentivizing policy reforms that help create an enabling environment for trade and investment. In addition, our focus on sound democratic governance and on standing up to corruption highlights MCC’s most distinctive approach to development: We only partner with those poor countries that have objectively demonstrated their commitment to sound policies focused on ruling justly, investing in their people and pursuing economic freedom.   

The President’s vision for creating economic opportunity and well-being at home is furthered as we open markets and reduce poverty around the world. In pursuit of this vision, MCC will continue to contribute in tangible ways to advancing our common prosperity. By creating real change in the lives of the world’s poorest, focusing on markets of opportunity for trade, investment and job creation and supporting policy reforms that promote fundamental rights and values, we are doing our part at MCC to deliver on the President’s vision to “remember that today’s world presents not just dangers, not just threats, it presents opportunities.”