Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

Open data opens doors to opportunity

What do Africa, open data and the private sector have in common? MCC continues to champion the intersection among the three, and this month we’re excited to engage businesses in an interactive dialogue on their needs in Africa and how our data can help meet them.  

Open data is information available for the public to use for any purpose, without licensing or copyright restrictions and at no cost. President Barack Obama made open data a priority in an executive order earlier this year, and MCC already leads the way in fulfilling the President’s vision for open and transparent data.

One way MCC is unlocking the potential of its data is by making it publicly available to private companies interested in doing business in Africa. Supporting private sector investment as the engine of growth is, after all, a fundamental part of MCC’s model. With the development and use of open data, we can further encourage companies to invest in our partner countries by using the publicly available data to identify business opportunities for growth and profit-making, mitigate risks or better understand market and consumer dynamics. Open data is the practical way to make business processes efficient and effective, which gives companies an incentive—and a greater degree of confidence—to invest in MCC’s partner countries.

However, availability and access to open data from developing countries—like those in Africa—is still limited. This makes it frustrating for MCC, African partner countries and businesses to realize the benefits of open data, which can drive the decisions that put communities and companies on the win-win path to growth.  

In response, MCC will partner with the Initiative for Global Development (IGD), a nonprofit that understands how accelerating business growth and investment in the developing world is a key solution for reducing poverty. MCC and IGD will survey business leaders investing in Africa to figure out how they could best benefit from access to open data.

In addition to the open data survey, IGD and MCC will lead a Twitter campaign to help spread the word about open data, its benefits and uses. MCC encourages the public and private sector to participate in this initiative and learn more about how open data can benefit both business development as well as economic development in Africa.

Join MCC and IGD in the conversation on open data by following @MCCtweets and @IGDleaders on Twitter. Share your comments and questions about open data, using hashtags #Data4Africa and #OpenData.