Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

Secretary Clinton’s visit highlights MCC’s role in advancing results-based development

CEO Daniel Yohannes welcomes Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to MCC.

As Secretary of State and as chair of MCC’s Board of Directors, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a passionate advocate for results-focused, evidence-based foreign assistance. During her visit to MCC on Tuesday, Secretary Clinton credited MCC with being a development leader on results and accountability: “In this Administration under President Obama, we’ve tried to put forth a new policy on development that really focuses on results, and MCC has been one of the foundational institutions that has given us the base for moving forward.”

MCC staff and management were thrilled by the Secretary’s visit. As a great friend and admired mentor with whom I have collaborated closely on the Board, I was especially pleased to welcome Secretary Clinton to MCC. Her remarks and answers to questions emphasized the central role MCC plays in helping to shape and implement the U.S. Government’s international development strategy. Secretary Clinton said that MCC showcases “some of our best thinking about how to do development for the 21st century,” stating that “to maximize the impact of every dollar that we spend on development, we often turn to MCC for information and inspiration.” 

MCC remains committed to challenging ourselves, testing the defining principles of our model, learning what works and does not work in development through data-driven evaluation practices, and sharing what we discover with other U.S. Government partners and the broader development community. In all these ways, MCC will continue to inform and inspire the way forward in development.