Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

Fighting Corruption: Practices and Processes

Almost nine months ago, MCC released a comprehensive policy and procedures to prevent, detect, and remediate fraud and corruption in MCC-funded activities. As we mark International Anti-Corruption Day, MCC is proud of the many steps we have taken toward the effective implementation of this policy.

Effective implementation begins with an effective understanding of the policy. As soon as the policy was released, we turned our attention to communicating the details of MCC’s policy and the next steps toward its implementation. Particular emphasis was placed on ensuring that prevention, detection and remediation of fraud and corruption in MCC-funded activities is understood to be everyone’s responsibility at MCC.  MCC has also made it a point to brief MCA partner country staff and external stakeholders.

MCC has also made progress on a number of actions outlined in the policy including:

  • A resource guide with tools and techniques for MCC and MCA;
  • A methodology for conducting risk assessments is being developed;
  • Development of a training course and technical support for our country counterparts;
  • Coordination with the Office of Inspector General on all allegations of fraud and corruption.

MCC will continue to actively pursue the more comprehensive, consistent, and explicit approach to the prevention, detection, and remediation of fraud and corruption in every facet of our operations as the principles-based policy sets forth.  This policy complements MCC’s overarching emphasis on good governance, with a particular focus on the control of corruption.  These good governance elements of MCC’s contribution to reducing corruption are implemented through our selection indicators and through our programs.

International Anti-Corruption Day serves as a firm reminder that corruption is an obstacle to sustainable development, poverty reduction, and economic growth, and that is why MCC will continue to stand up against corruption.