Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

Listening to Whats Happening in the Field

Its been an exciting few days for MCC.  Resident Country Directors (RCDs) and Deputy Resident Country Directors (DRCDs) gathered from around the world for their annual conference last week to share best practices in poverty reduction.  This gave us an opportunity to hear firsthand about how the U.S. Government is helping stimulate economic growth through MCC programs.

  • Read the transcript from the public forum when RCDs talked about developments underway in Ghana, El Salvador, and Georgia.
  • Listen to Vince Ruddy, RCD in El Salvador, explain progress underway during his interview with El Mundo al Dia (in Spanish).
  • Listen to RCD Jim McNicholas interview on Voice of America Georgia about the status of MCCs compact (.mp3 download, in Georgian).
  • Listen to RCD Alex Russin’s interview about the status of Armenia’s MCC compact (in Armenian).
  • Read a news report featuring Morocco’s RCD Muneera Salem-Murdock.
  • Read the perspective of Gautam Ramnath about some of the key findings from the meetings.

These voices from the field provide important insights that highlight how Americas investments in development, when they focus on country-owned solutions, are bearing tangible results that matter to the worlds poor.