Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

MCC’s Commitment to Africa

I had the opportunity yesterday to showcase MCC’s commitment to poverty reduction and economic growth in Africa at two great events.

In the morning, I met with U.S. ambassadors working throughout Africa, including in many MCC partners countries.  I briefed the African Chiefs of Mission on MCC’s work throughout the continent and, more importantly, learned from them how we can work together more effectively.  Deepening our cooperation and coordination allows us to maximize the impact of MCC investments in Africa. 

Last evening, I was honored to deliver the keynote speech as part of the Africa Society’s Ambassador Andrew Young Lecture Series on Africa.  The Embassy of Ghana opened its doors to over 200 guests; it was exciting and energizing to be among so many friends of Africa, who share MCC’s commitment to partnering with African countries to achieve sustainable economic growth.  We recognize that the best way to realize the continent’s promise is through partnerships grounded in mutual respect and responsibility, accountability, sound policies, and results.

Next week, I’ll be travelling to Cape Verde for the first, full-term completion of an MCC compact in Africa.  This marks an important milestone to assess what worked well in the fight against poverty and what lessons we’ve learned to improve future programs.  I look forward to sharing our findings.  I am firmly committed to making sure that MCC’s work in Africa creates stronger economies and more prosperous communities by promoting good governance, expanding trade capacity, building infrastructure, and engaging the private sector.  It is in our own strategic, economic, and moral interests to work together with Africa to realize the global growth that will benefit all of us.