Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

Restoring Hope in Haiti

Senator Frist visits with 16-year-old Rouite Tisma, a patient at the Baptist Mission Hospital in Fermathe, Haiti.

As we have all seen, a week ago Haiti experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes in its history, leaving hundreds of thousands believed dead, tens of thousands homeless or orphaned, and many families still trying to reconnect with loved ones.  Although MCC does not provide humanitarian assistance, many partner U.S. Government agencies are diligently working and coordinating on the ground to provide desperately-needed help to the Haitian people.  USAID, for one, is spearheading the U.S. Government’s relief effort, led by Administrator Rajiv Shah, an MCC Board member.  Another MCC Board member, Senator Bill Frist, is also on the ground in Haiti, contributing to the relief efforts through his Hope Through Healing Hands Foundation.  Please take a moment to read his first-hand accounts of his experience.