Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

Stories along an Improved Road in Honduras

A four-hour drive through rugged terrain, beautiful mountains, and evergreen forest, brought me to San Sebastian, a small town in northwestern Honduras.  I was there to attend the opening of 24.7 kilometers of newly improved rural roads from San Sebastian to Tomala, a town very close to the border with El Salvador.  These roads were improved using funding from MCC’s compact with the Government of Honduras.  Key government officials presided at the event, and over 200 people attended.

As I walked around talking to people, I met six elementary school girls who were eager to see the pictures I was taking.  I explained that I was documenting stories and asked if they wanted to be my assistants and take pictures to show how the road would benefit their community.

View the slideshow from these girls’ perspectives, depicting the importance of roads, particularly in remote villages.