• Piloting a New Model to Advance Education and Boost Youth Employment in Morocco

    Students take part in a public lottery in Tétouan, Morocco, to select schools to participate in an innovative pilot program for secondary education funded through the MCC-Morocco Employability and Land Compact. Thanks to the partnership between MCC and the Government of Morocco, approximately 100,000 students are expected to benefit from higher-quality education that better positions them for opportunities in today’s modern workforce.

    As part of the MCC-Morocco Employability and Land Compact, an innovative, scalable new model for secondary education is being introduced in approximately 100 schools throughout Morocco to create a more highly skilled workforce to accelerate economic growth.

  • Developing Morocco’s Industrial Zones to Spur Investment

    As part of the MCC-Morocco Compact, a $127 million industrial land investment will use public-private partnerships to develop, manage and maintain industrial zones that meet the needs of businesses and attract private investment.

  • Q&A with MCC Acting Vice President Kyeh Kim: MCC & Let Girls Learn in Morocco

    MCC announced a nearly $100 million investment toward a new model of secondary education in Morocco, included as part of MCC's Morocco Employability and Land Compact. Read a Q&A with MCC Acting VP Kyeh Kim.

  • International Youth Day 2015: A Closer Look at the Youth Bulge

    Developing countries face an unprecedented “youth bulge” that can pose serious social and political challenges or create great opportunity. MCC addresses youth bulge challenges by laying the foundation for growth that creates opportunity for young people.

  • A strong partner for education results in Morocco

    MCC places strong emphasis on the results and impact of our projects. In coming months, MCC will work with Morocco during the compact development process to consider a range of innovative “pay for results” tools to push the envelope in education and training.

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