MCC and the Millennium Development Goals

MCC’s mandate to reduce poverty through economic growth is critical in helping its partner countries make progress on all of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Only with sustained increases in income can families overcome poverty and meet these basic needs:

  • food security
  • health,
  • education, and
  • equal opportunity for women and girls.

MCC’s emphasis on good governance, country ownership, and accountability for results lays the groundwork for sustainable development progress well beyond the MDG’s 2015 goals.

Fostering broad-based economic growth

MCC works with its partner countries to create the foundation for economic growth and support these countries' development priorities. Since 2004, MCC has committed nearly $10 billion to support its partners' investments in agriculture, rural development, roads, water, sanitation, energy, ports, health clinics, and schools. Partner country governments, civil society, and private sector see these investments as the basis for economic opportunity, poverty reduction and access to essential services.

Emphasizing good governance

MCC selects partner countries with a strong track record of ruling justly, promoting economic freedom and investing in people, allowing for effective and sustainable programs supporting economic growth. By selecting country partners who perform well in these areas and leveraging continued domestic policy reform to support growth, good governance, and an enabling environment for trade and investment, MCC creates an incentive for them to improve performance on the MDGs, including in areas such as:

  • girls’ primary school completion rates,
  • immunization rates,
  • incidence of child mortality,
  • access to water and sanitation, and
  • natural resource management.

Embracing data-driven accountability and transparency

MCC is a recognized leader in the U.S. Government for its rigorous approach to projecting, tracking and evaluating the impacts of its investments. MCC's approach ensures that scarce assistance dollars are directed where they can have the greatest impact on poverty reduction. This accountability is essential for making wise investments and meaningful progress toward the MDGs.

Prioritizing country ownership

MCC’s ability to respond to partner countries' long-term development priorities, to put them in the driver's seat when prioritizing and implementing investments, to be transparent in the projection and achievement of results, and to hold firm on policy performance, are innovations themselves. MCC builds on this foundation to pursue new approaches to development challenges and attract private sector partnerships that complement and incraese the impact of MCC investments.