Stakeholder Consultations

Looking to align your funding with U.S. Government foreign assistance investments, or want to share your international development expertise with MCC’s experts?

As a learning institution, MCC welcomes the inclusion of knowledge of leaders in the development community. Since its creation in 2004, MCC has reserved a seat at the table for members of civil society and the private sector during compact development and implementation. Continuous evaluation and self-appraisal are central to MCC’s model of partnership and country ownership.

To complement the conversations that take place in partner countries, MCC has spearheaded a consultation process at home. The goal is to provide a platform for input from the broader development community to inform our work, as well as highlight opportunities for our partners and potential investors to learn how they can potentially leverage MCC’s global investments.

2019 Consultations

The following consultations are planned for 2019.


Threshold Program

2018 Consultations


2017 Consultations


Threshold Programs

2016 Consultations


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