MCC's Inaugural Impact Evaluation Conference

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Conference Schedule

Time Session
8:00 am to
8:30 am
Registration, Bowen Second Floor Conference Rooms
8:30 am to
9:00 am
Welcome / Results Framework Overview, Bowen 2A-B-C
– Franck Wiebe, Chief Economist, MCC
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9:15 am to
11:15 am
Evaluating Farmer Training Programs, Bowen 2A-B-C
Moderator: Ariel BenYishay, MCC

– Annette Brown, 3ie
Systematic Review of the Impact of Farmer Field Schools [PDF]

– Michael Carter, University of California, Davis
The Impact of Business Services on the Economic Well-Being of Small Farmers in Nicaragua [PDF]

– Kristin Penn, U.S. Department of State/Feed the Future
Impact Evaluation Within Feed the Future [PDF]

– Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale University
Using Social Networks to Improve Agricultural Extension Services [PDF]

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11:30 am to
1:00 pm
Overcoming Challenges to Ex Post Evaluations of Governance Programs, Bowen 2A
Moderator: Sophia Sahaf, MCC

– Matt Sloan, Mathematica Policy Research
Rwanda Threshold Program Impact Evaluation [PDF]

– Leonard Wantchekon, NYU
Tanzania Threshold Program Impact Evaluation [PDF]

– Erin Weiser, Weiser Consulting
Malawi and Zambia Threshold Program Ex-Post Evaluations [PDF]

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Rural Infrastructure: Impacts, cost-effectiveness, and implications for design, Bowen 2B-C
Moderator: Steve Anderson, MCC

– Maximo Torero, IFPRI
Real Constraints in Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification [PDF]

– Michael Kremer, Harvard University
Evaluation, Learning and Innovation: The Case of Rural Safe Water Infrastructure [PDF]

– Jenny Aker, Tufts University
Information Technology: Impacts, Costs-Effectiveness and Implications for Design [PDF]

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1:00 pm to
1:45 pm
Lunch (will be provided)
1:45 pm to
3:30 pm
Road Evaluations: How to reduce roughness in your road evaluation design, Bowen 2A
Moderator: Rebecca Tunstall, MCC

– Ariel BenYishay, MCC
Comparing Evaluations of Road Improvements: The MCC Experience [PDF]

– Barry Deren, MCC
Economic Analysis of Road Investments: HDM-IV Modeling [PDF]

– John Felkner, NORC
Use of Geographic Information System (GIS) in NORC Infrastructure Impact Evaluation Projects [PDF]

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Delving into Development Programs’ Effects on Women: Incorporating gender in impact evaluations meaningfully and practically, Bowen 2B-C
Moderator: Celeste Lemrow, MCC

– Michelle Adato, MCC
Integrating Gender in MCC Impact Assessment [PDF]

– Harold Alderman, World Bank
Two Promising Areas for Impact Evaluation on Gender [PDF]

– Nava Ashraf, Harvard University
Gender and Development: Empowering Women in Finance and Fertility [PDF]

– Agnes Quisumbing, IFPRI
Evaluating the Long-Term Impact of Agricultural Technologies in Bangladesh: Looking within the Household [PDF]

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3:45 pm to
5:00 pm
Closeout Plenary Panel Discussion: 
Challenges in Impact Evaluation and Institutional Responses,
Bowen 2A-B-C
Moderator: Franck Wiebe, MCC

– Jack Molyneaux, MCC
IE Challenges and MCC Responses [PDF]

– Michael Kremer, Harvard, USAID Development Venture Initiative
USAID Development Innovation Ventures [PDF]

– Arianna Legovini, World Bank
Development Impact Evaluation Initiative: Changing the Way Development Is Done [PDF]

– Carol Medlin, Gates Foundation, 3ie
Perspectives from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and International Initiative for Impact Evaluation [PDF]

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MCC, Bowen Conference Rooms
875 Fifteenth St. NW, Washington, DC 20005