Secretary Clinton Visits MCC

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited the Millennium Challenge Corporation on Tuesday, November 27, to meet with staff and discuss the agency’s role as a key  part of the U.S. foreign policy agenda, where diplomacy and development are elevated alongside defense as part of a smart power framework.

Secretary Clinton, who chairs MCC’s Board of Directors, said MCC’s model showcases “some of our best thinking about how to do development for the 21st century,” stating that “to maximize the impact of every dollar that we spend on development, we often turn to MCC for information and inspiration.” She added, “In this Administration under President Obama, we’ve tried to put forth a new policy on development that really focuses on results, and MCC has been one of the foundational institutions that has given us the base for moving forward.”    

The visit was Secretary Clinton’s first to MCC headquarters in Washington. She previously attended the signings of the Senegal, Moldova, Jordan, Philippines, and Indonesia compacts. Under Clinton’s tenure as the chair of MCC’s Board of Directors, MCC has completed nine compacts, signed eight new compacts, and grown its global portfolio to $9.1 billion.

MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes introduced Clinton and called her a role model for millions worldwide: “History will judge our guest as an outstanding secretary of state,” Yohannes said, “and a true champion for development.”

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