MCC Works to End Poverty

Select a pin on the map above to learn more about some of MCC’s partner countries and how we’re helping to reduce global poverty.


MCC was created in 2004 with a singular focus: to reduce poverty through economic growth in the world’s best-governed poor countries.

Today, on International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, MCC celebrates the immense progress being made to end poverty around the world. At a global level, extreme poverty — measured by the $1.90-a-day international poverty line — decreased by 114 million people over the course of just one year, from 2012 to 2013.

We’re proud to be a part of this progress, but there’s still more work to do. MCC’s focus on economic growth in well-governed countries helps U.S. development dollars have an even bigger impact on poverty reduction, supporting stability, security and business opportunity.

Click on the map above to learn more about some of MCC’s partner countries and how we’re helping to reduce global poverty.

Why Do You Work to #EndPoverty?

MCC’s work to promote growth, help people lift themselves out of poverty, and build governments’ capacity to invest in future generations would not be possible without the commitment of our dedicated staff. So for this year’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we asked MCC staff to share what motivates them to work to #EndPoverty. Hear what they had to say.

  • Damiana Astudillo

  • Mahmoud Bah

  • Jim Blades

  • Jonathan Bloom

  • MCC’s staff in Cabo Verde: (l. to r.) Joana Balde, Omar Hopkins, Joana Brito, Sonia Schofield

  • Barbara Carter-Garms

  • Casey Dunning

  • (l. to r.) Fatema Sumar, Daniel Waqar, Lauren Sprott, Harrison Koh, Amir Tejpar

  • Stephen Gaull

  • Jake Grover

  • David Kassebaum

  • Sherri Kum

  • Michael McEntire

  • Siobhan Pangerl and Grace Morgan

  • Colleen Naughton

  • Emily Rasheed

  • Lindsey Rietkerk

  • Laura Rudert

  • Megan Kerns, Ashley Schrecongost, Lisa Patchell

  • Lisa Smith-Kulley

  • Marc Tkach

  • Pamela Velez-Vega

Related Country Programs

  • Niger Compact

    MCC’s $437 million compact with the Government of Niger will address access to water for agriculture and livestock, trade barriers, and government regulation of business.

  • Nepal Compact

    The MCC Nepal Compact will increase the availability of electricity and lower transportation costs—helping to spur investments, accelerate economic growth, and reduce poverty.

  • Moldova Compact

    MCC aimed to improve agricultural productivity and expand access to markets and services through critical infrastructure investments in the irrigation and road sectors. MCC is also building capacity in the high-value agriculture sector.

  • El Salvador Compact

    MCC is fueling economic growth in El Salvador's Northern Zone through technical assistance, rehabilitation of roads, credit, and investments in people—including vocational education, better water and sanitation services and an improved energy supply.