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Leaders from MCC and Partner Countries Focus on Fighting Global Poverty

For Immediate Release

April 28, 2009

Apr 27, 2009

Washington meetings emphasize long-term solutions in the wake of economic downturn

Washington, D.C.  Underscoring the U.S. Governments deep commitment to addressing long-term poverty issues in the wake of the ongoing global economic crisis, senior Millennium Challenge Corporation officials are meeting this week in Washington with ministers from MCC partner countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America to review ongoing MCC programs fighting global poverty and promoting sustainable economic development.

The economic downturn has disproportionately affected millions of people who live on less than $2 a day, said MCCs Acting Chief Executive Officer Rodney Bent who, along with other high level MCC officials, are taking the opportunities presented from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington to engage leaders from Colombia, Mongolia, Burkina Faso, Benin, Namibia, Lesotho, Ghana, Philippines, Zambia and Jordan.

Mr. Bent said, There is real progress being made in the fight against global poverty, and these conversations make one thing very clear: long-term solutions cannot take a backseat in this time of economic crisis. MCCs partners are committed to hard work, positive reforms and transparent implementation, all of which provide the best hope for their people and a more sound global economy.

The meetings this week are an opportunity for MCC officials to review projects and activities on the ground and underscore with partner countries the need to communicate transparently in their home countries about the management of MCC funding and MCCs focus on results-based foreign aid.

MCC, an innovative and independent U.S. foreign aid agency, is helping lead the fight against global poverty. Created by the U.S. Congress with strong bipartisan support in 2004, MCC is changing the conversation on how best to deliver U.S. foreign assistance by focusing on good policies, country-led development and results. MCC forms partnerships with some of the worlds poorest countries, but only those committed to good governance, economic freedom, and investing in their citizens. MCC provides these well-performing countries with large-scale grants to fund country-led solutions for reducing poverty through sustainable economic growth. MCC grants complement other U.S. and international development programs.

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