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MCC Better Aligns Organizational Structure with Agency’s Mission to Reduce Poverty through EconomiGrowth

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July 22, 2010

Washington, D.C.—Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Chief Executive Officer Daniel W. Yohannes issued the following statement today to share his strategic vision for MCC and to outline how he will internally realign MCC to support the agency’s priorities:

"Over the past six years, MCC has emerged as a unique and valuable tool for providing development assistance. A primary reason for MCC’s success is our focus on one, well-defined mission: reducing poverty through economic growth. Going forward, our challenge and opportunity will be to continue to excel and keep pace with the changing demands.  To meet the challenges ahead, MCC commits itself to a strategic plan focused on most effectively pursuing our mission.  My vision, and my management team’s vision, for MCC is based on five key priorities:

1.      Renewed focus on results
Showing the results of MCC’s investments is critical to the agency’s growth. We will strengthen our economic analysis and monitoring of program outcomes to better capture and communicate results and to continually improve how we work.

2.      Increasing MCC’s use of new partnerships and new financing structures
We must leverage our work with the work of other organizations, non-traditional partners, and agencies. We will increase the emphasis placed on private sector participation in MCC programs and on the use of innovative program approaches.   

3.      Emphasizing effective policy reform
Continuing policy improvement at the macro and the sector levels is essential to bolstering the sustainability of MCC’s investments.  We will focus internal resources and leverage external expertise to support policy improvement in our partner countries and to integrate sector policy reform more effectively in project design.

4.      Strengthening MCC’s focus on gender and social assessment
We cannot lose sight of the fact that gender integration and social assessment issues play a central role in reducing poverty. We will ensure greater emphasis in these areas by expanding the number of staff dedicated to gender integration and social issues.

5.      Improving organizational effectiveness
MCC can improve how it uses limited resources to achieve maximum effectiveness by realigning our structure to our business needs. MCC is combining the Department of Compact Development and the Department of Compact Implementation into one Department of Compact Operations; consolidating economics and monitoring and evaluation staff in an enhanced Department of Policy and Evaluation; and establishing a portfolio and risk management division within the Office of the CEO.  The refined organizational structure will provide greater emphasis on policy reform, risk management, and results. 

We are very proud of MCC’s accomplishments to date and we continue to challenge ourselves to fulfill MCC’s mission of poverty reduction through economic growth.  I am confident that our focused strategy and our realigned structure will enhance the quality of our work and its impact and will better serve people around the world by ensuring the sustainability of U.S. development investments.”

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Millennium Challenge Corporation, a U.S. Government agency designed to work with developing countries, is based on the principle that aid is most effective when it reinforces sound political, economic, and social policies that promote poverty reduction through economic growth.  For more information, please visit

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