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MCC and Peace Corps Sign Agreement to Better Support Country Development Initiatives

For Immediate Release

September 9, 2010

Washington, D.C.—Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Chief Executive Officer Daniel W. Yohannes and Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams signed an agreement today confirming their close collaboration in developing countries around the world.

“MCC’s agreement with the Peace Corps will significantly enhance our coordination as we work towards greater sustainability in development,” said Mr. Yohannes.  “Today’s agreement represents MCC’s commitment to greater collaboration across the U.S. Government to advance President Obama’s development assistance priorities.”

The agreement includes a framework for sharing respective strengths, knowledge, and resources to support country development initiatives that advance improvements in the lives of the world’s poor.  MCC and the Peace Corps will collaborate on complementary program areas and agency priorities.

The agreement discusses the important role Peace Corps Volunteers and Peace Corps Response Volunteers can play in providing support for the implementation of MCC Compact projects.  The assistance provided by Peace Corps Volunteers is intended to enhance MCC-funded project effectiveness and build the long-term capacity of partner countries. 

The Peace Corps may assign Volunteers to provide support in country-led MCC-funded activities related to infrastructure, environmental and social assessment, agriculture, private sector development, community development, public outreach, natural resource management, and other related technical areas.  Volunteers may also be assigned to help develop and implement training programs, community outreach programs, HIV/AIDS prevention programs, or management information systems, or to provide other types of assistance related to MCC-funded programs.

MCC and the Peace Corps will establish a joint working group to provide guidance on the cooperation between the two agencies.  The guidance will provide strategies to encourage and facilitate the assignment of Peace Corps Volunteers to the local partner country entities implementing MCC compact program (known as MCAs) and other counterpart entities.  The joint working group will identify three to five focus countries to determine potential areas for cooperation.

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