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MCC CEO Joins Secretaries Clinton, Gates, Geithner, Admin Shah to Discuss Global Development Policy

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September 29, 2010

Washington, D.C.—The U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Chief Executive Officer Daniel W. Yohannes joined U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, and USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah in a roundtable discussion on President Obama’s new Global Development Policy at the annual U.S. Global Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.

On September 22, the President signed the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development, the first of its kind by a U.S. administration.  The directive calls for the elevation of development as a core pillar of American power, and charts a course for development, diplomacy, and defense to reinforce and complement one another in an integrated, comprehensive approach to national security.

In announcing the new policy in a speech at the United Nations last week, President Obama highlighted MCC’s work in El Salvador, where MCC is implementing a $461 million poverty reduction program, and said that the policy builds “in part on the lessons of the Millennium Challenge Corporation.”   

“I am proud to lead an agency that has experience putting into practice the principles at the heart of the new approach,” said Mr. Yohannes.  “We will continue to focus on economic growth, strengthen coordination, develop innovative partnerships, increase our emphasis on policy reform and gender integration, and maintain a relentless focus on results.”

“Only by collaboration across agencies, and building on the strengths of our respective mandates, can we have the impacts envisioned in this strategy,” said Mr. Yohannes. 

As the United States reforms the way it engages with the developing world, the President’s new policy recognizes that broad-based economic growth is central to global stability and prosperity, and that strong policies, country-led plans, and rigorous evaluation are essential to the sustainability of U.S. development investments. 
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