MCC Celebrates Africa Day 2017

  • MCC

    Of MCC’s 33 signed compacts, 20 are with African countries, spanning the continent and totaling $7.9 billion in compact investments since MCC’s founding. MCC has invested another $205 million in Africa through its smaller threshold program, with 11 of its 26 partnerships in Africa. This Africa Day, MCC is showcasing our ongoing work in Africa.

  • MCA-Cabo Verde

    Lack of access to water and sanitation takes a significant toll on health, school attendance, and economic productivity in water-poor countries like Cabo Verde. Thanks to MCC’s investments in the country’s water sector, people like Celestina now have indoor toilets and clean water that comes directly to their homes, saving them time spent collecting water from afar and improving their health and economic outlook.

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    Power outages in Accra New Town in Ghana have hurt businesses like the 5th Avenue Chemist, a pharmacy that Richie, above, and his father, Godfred, have run for 16 years. The MCC-Ghana Power Compact will create a financially viable power sector to meet the current and future needs of households and businesses.

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    Only about 5 percent of Liberia’s population currently has access to the electric grid, and power is often expensive. MCC has worked with other donors to rehabilitate and upgrade the Mt. Coffee Hydroelectric Plant, which is now increasing affordable and reliable electricity for the people of Liberia.

  • Jake Lyell for MCC

    Ms. Ivy Namasani makes a dress in her tailoring shop in downtown Blantyre, Malawi. Her store suffers from frequent power blackouts that hamper her ability to do business. MCC’s Malawi Compact is working to revitalize the country’s power sector by upgrading electricity infrastructure and improving the performance of key institutions to reduce energy costs and increase access.

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    A boy rolls a barrel toward a water source in Lusaka. In partnership with MCC, the Zambian Government is working to reform the country’s water sector and improve drainage in the capital city of Lusaka to better meet citizens’ water and sanitation needs. These vital improvements aim to decrease the risk of water-borne disease, time spent collecting water, the cost of water, and business and household losses due to flooding.

  • MCC

    The Guma Valley Dam – built 50 years ago to support half-a-million people – now has more than twice as many people to serve, leading to daily water shortages in Sierra Leone. MCC’s Sierra Leone Threshold Program is supporting government and institutional reforms that will lead to more effective delivery of clean water and electricity services and limit opportunities for corruption – all of which support the country’s post-Ebola recovery.

The continent of Africa is the largest recipient of MCC development assistance, with the majority of MCC investments focusing on underfunded areas of development – like roads, bridges, ports, electricity, and other large-scale infrastructure projects.

MCC is helping the continent’s best-governed poor countries seize opportunities that enable long-term growth and reduce poverty.

Related Country Programs

  • Cabo Verde Compact II

    This five-year compact with Cape Verde is intended to increase household incomes by reforming two sectors identified as current constraints to economic growth: the water and sanitation sector and the land management sector.

  • Ghana Power Compact

    MCC's $498 million Ghana Power Compact will fight poverty by transforming the country's energy sector. The compact is the largest U.S. Government transaction under Power Africa and is expected to stimulate billions of dollars in private energy investment.

  • Liberia Compact

    This compact aims to encourage economic growth and reduce poverty in Liberia by focusing on inadequate access to reliable and affordable electricity and road infrastructure.

  • Malawi Compact

    MCC’s Malawi Compact is designed to increase incomes and reduce poverty by improving the availability of, reliability of, and access to the power supply.

  • Zambia Compact

    The Zambia Compact invests in water supply, sanitation and drainage infrastructure with the goal of decreasing the incidence of water-related diseases, generating time savings for households and businesses, and mitigating business and residential flood losses.

  • Sierra Leone Threshold Program

    MCC and the Government of Sierra Leone have partnered to implement a $44.4 million threshold program to improve access to clean water and reliable electricity, and to support reforms designed to limit opportunities for corruption.