MCC Builds Progress Toward an AIDS-Free Generation

  • Before MCC’s investment, health centers needed rehabilitation in order to provide high quality access to services.

  • Rehabilitated health centers are now providing high quality access to services, including anti-retroviral therapy, antenatal and delivery services for the majority of Lesotho's population. Improved staff housing also allows nurses to live nearby for more immediate acute and maternal care.

  • A new community health clinic in Samaria, Lesotho, is one of 138 health centers rehabilitated or built under MCC’s compact with Lesotho.

  • Local residents of Cabo Verde gather for an informational session as part of an MCC-funded HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. The banner reads “Listen, Learn, and Live without AIDS,” reinforcing the core message of prevention.

For some partner countries, treating and preventing HIV/AIDS is at the forefront of their national development strategy. MCC’s first compact with Lesotho included a $122 million Health Sector Project that rehabilitated 138 clinics, strengthened Lesotho’s health care infrastructure, and improved the capacity of health care workers. In other countries, health programs are included as part of a multi-pronged approach to development. In Cabo Verde, MCC’s first compact included an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign implemented by contractors building roads, bridges and a port. The program gave construction workers and local community members access to informational sessions, free and voluntary HIV/AIDS testing, and follow-up counseling.