MCC CEO Introduces Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Good morning, MCC! We welcome a very special guest today!

History will judge our guest as an outstanding secretary of state and a true champion for development. But for many around the world today—me included—she is a role model! And, what a lucky day for us that we can spend some time with our role model.

Madam Secretary: Let me tell you what the MCC staff here and around the world has accomplished under your tenure as chair of our Board:

We have grown our compact portfolio to $9.1 billion.

We estimate that our programs will benefit over 171 million people and raise incomes by over $12 billion.

Under your watch, we signed 8 new compacts and successfully completed 9 compacts. We terminated 1 compact for bad behavior, and reinstated 1 compact for good behavior.

Our investments help the poor by: helping our partners become more food secure, energy secure, water secure; investing in infrastructure to help our partners become more competitive; and reforming policies to sustain our investments and create an environment where aid will no longer be needed.

Under your leadership, MCC has made incredible contributions: to the President’s global development policy, including Feed the Future and Partnership for Growth; to gender integration; and to impact evaluations that help us better understand what works and what does not work so we can improve what we do.

We deeply appreciate and value all your tremendous support for what MCC is doing. Thank you for being here today. We are honored by your presence.

To the MCC family, please join me in welcoming: a great friend and a great mentor, a great role model for me and millions around the world, a champion for democracy, freedom and prosperity, the chair of our Board of Directors, and our Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Madam Secretary