Results Remarks by MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes at 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

On behalf of the United States Government, I would like to express our strong support for inclusive, country-led, results-centered development. To maximize development effectiveness for the world’s poor, the U.S. Government is committed to results in practice, not just in principle.

This means achieving tangible outcomes from our development efforts. While we look for long-term impact, we must not lose sight of the importance of short- and medium-term measures of progress that are required along the results continuum to sustainable development impact.

A transparent results continuum allows us to assess performance from initial policies all the way through to impacts.

  • It holds both donors and recipients mutually accountable from start to finish to deliver returns on development investments.
  • It expects partner countries to be the ultimate managers of their development through homegrown policies, priorities and programs, which also include the voices of women because we know gender equality is key to development effectiveness.
  • It creates a dynamic framework for evaluation, learning and applying lessons learned to achieve greater development effectiveness now and well into the future.
  • And it is adaptable enough to fit common approaches where those are appropriate and distinct approaches where necessary to spur innovation.

As we build the new global partnership for development Busan calls for, the Millennium Challenge Corporation will continue to be a leader in embracing forward thinking on results. MCC was proud to be an integral part of shaping the Results Building Block. The U.S. Government looks forward to advancing the principles we have agreed to today. They are already embedded

  • In MCC,
  • In new initiatives with USAID,
  • In U.S. support for results frameworks in the MDBs,
  • In the President’s Partnership for Growth initiative, and
  • In the U.S. IATI declaration.

We will continue to push ahead purposefully post-Busan, and we will hold ourselves mutually accountable for delivering on this results agenda. Thank you.