Remarks by MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes at Mariakrom Packhouse Commissioning

Thank you for your warm welcome, and thank you also for welcoming MCC Board member Alan Patricof, who is traveling with me. My first trip abroad two years ago as MCC’s CEO was here to Ghana. Today, I am extremely proud and honored to join you again to mark the completion of your 547 million dollar compact with the U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation and to celebrate some of the successes resulting from our partnership.

This public packhouse is one of those successes. Ghana’s compact is expanding this country’s agriculture sector by helping Ghanaian farmers, many of whom are women. A packhouse like this—modern, accessible, built with quality—contributes to these goals. It gives Ghanaian farmers the post-harvest space they need to process and appropriately store their products to ensure quality and to improve selling opportunities at the best price. This packhouse is a key part of the integrated agricultural value chain—from field to market. It also makes this country more food secure today and well into the future.

Sustainability is key now. I challenge you to put your efforts into maintaining this packhouse and ensuring that it remains operational. I challenge farmers and exporters to partner wisely to improve your chances as an integrated team.

I congratulate the people and government of Ghana for taking the difficult steps to embrace MCC’s model for sustainable development. Our approach is distinct.

It requires our partners to reform their policies to create the right conditions for sustainability.

It demands that our partners determine and implement their own strategies for economic growth.

It holds our partners mutually accountable with us to deliver results.

It seeks partners willing to assume shared responsibility and complete transparency in assessing the long-term impact of our investments.

Ghana has proven to be a worthy MCC partner country.

I am honored to participate with my Ghanaian colleagues in officially commissioning this packhouse as a tangible result of our compact partnership. May the farmers of Ghana use it to deepen their prosperity and contribute to greater opportunities for economic growth in their communities and throughout this country.

Thank you, and congratulations on the completion of your compact and the launch of this packhouse.