Remarks by MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes at Naming and Handing Over of Ferry and Floating Dock

It’s wonderful to be here on the shores of Lake Volta! I have come to Ghana to celebrate the results of the partnership between Ghana and the U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation. As Ghana completes its 547 million dollar MCC compact, the successes we have seen here prove that the people of Ghana are embarking on a new day of opportunity.

What is unfolding here at Lake Volta is progress worth celebrating. The refurbished floating dock and the newly-constructed ferries will create new opportunities for supplying inputs to farmers and helping them access markets more quickly. This means more commerce, more trade, and more opportunities to increase the incomes of Ghanaian farmers. Rather than spending hours driving around the lake, connecting the northern and southern shores of Lake Volta through a safe and reliable ferry ride saves travel time, cuts travel expenses, and creates greater efficiencies. This is how Ghanaian farmers can compete. I am proud that our partnership contributes to this outcome.

I congratulate all those who have worked so hard to modernize the Lake Volta ferry services. These services complement the other investments Ghana has made in critical infrastructure.

And, I am very pleased that Alan Patricof, a member of MCC’s Board of Directors, was able to join me on this trip. Together, we have been able to see the transformation unfolding here at Lake Volta. We can return home and tell the American people that our investment in Ghana is delivering results—results that Ghanaians are committed to sustaining for a future of greater economic growth.

Thank you so much.