Remarks by MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes at School Commissioning

Today is a great day for the children of Ghana! I am excited to be here to commission this new school, along with a special guest—Alan Patricof—who serves on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation. Thank you for your warm welcome.

I am proud to see that part of Ghana’s 547 million dollar MCC compact was invested in rural development, including constructing schools like this one. Make no mistake about this: Education plays a key role in achieving our shared mission of reducing poverty and generating economic growth. The skills Ghanaian girls and boys learn in their classes will help them become the able workforce and good citizens of tomorrow. With the skills to compete, these children will have what they need to prosper in the future—to contribute to the wellbeing of their families and the economic health of their communities and country.

Congratulations on the successful completion of this school’s construction. I applaud the efforts you have undertaken here—and at other schools—to create a competitive education system that will serve Ghana well.

Let me say a few words to the students who are here today. I know it’s not always easy; you face many challenges as young boys and girls. I’ve gone through these challenges myself during my childhood in Ethiopia; all of us here have gone through challenges. Yet, I would encourage you to do your very best each day in school. Remember: The sky is the limit. You can move mountains. You must be as proud of yourselves as we are proud of you. When I look at all these smiling boys and girls, I see the future: One of you will be the future president of Ghana! Many of you will be future judges, doctors, engineers, school teachers.

And, the future is possible through our commitment to education today, a commitment made possible through the partnership between Ghana and the U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation.

So, today we are doing more than opening the doors to a new school. We are creating a strong foundation for a future of opportunity. The American people are very pleased to walk with Ghana on this journey and help Ghanaians on the path to progress they have chosen.

Many thanks!