Remarks by MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes at U.S. Ambassador's Residence

Mr. Ambassador,
Honored Ministers,
Distinguished Guests,

I am deeply grateful to Ambassador Norland for opening up his home to us this evening and for his gracious and wonderful hospitality. It makes me so proud that my country is represented here in Georgia by such an able and dedicated public servant, and I thank you, Mr. Ambassador, for your truly outstanding service.

As Ambassador Norland said, the United States and Georgia share a real friendship and deep cooperation. And, I am particularly pleased that the compact between Georgia and the Millennium Challenge Corporation stands as yet another example of the shared goals and the strong bonds that bring our two countries and peoples together.

Together, our two countries have made investing in the education of the next generation a priority. And, investing in education is perhaps one of the most powerful and effective ways to equip communities and countries with what they need to compete and succeed in our modern economy.  Georgia’s MCC compact will do just that. From the start of a Georgian student’s general education to graduation from technical training and advanced degree programs, the MCC-Georgia compact will improve the quality of education in science, technology, engineering, and math. The compact will give Georgians the skills to obtain jobs and increase their earning potential.

Tomorrow, we will sign the compact. But, what happens after tomorrow is even more important.

In the days ahead, our compact must be fully implemented to deliver new opportunities that will make a difference in the lives of the people of Georgia.

While I join Georgia in celebrating the signing of this compact, I also stand with you in following its successful implementation to realize its promise.

By achieving what this compact sets out to do, we will be able to tell both the American and Georgian people that our investment here in Georgia contributed to a future of greater prosperity.