Remarks by MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes at Kalahi-CIDDS Multiple Projects Inauguration Event

Good Morning!

Maupay Nga Aga!

Thank you for your gracious welcome and warm hospitality. I am happy to join you to celebrate the opening of this beautiful school and to celebrate the turnover of 10 additional Kalahi-CIDSS projects that will benefit so many of your citizens. I congratulate the people and leaders of Leyte for all your hard work in bringing these projects to life.

You decided these projects are important for your community.
• You designed them.
• You built them.
• You will enjoy the benefits of using them now.
• And, you will maintain them.

I am here in the Philippines to see firsthand how our 434 million dollar grant is uplifting the lives of Filipinos by promoting economic growth and providing opportunities to local communities. The American people share a common goal with you. We want to make sure that these funds are used wisely and spent efficiently to make a difference in your lives.

I am pleased that MCC is able to support the K-C community-driven development project in 160 municipalities with 120 million dollars of the grant.

I want to recognize and appreciate the great leadership of DSWD’s Secretary Soliman for making the K-C project a reality.

The community-driven approach is what MCC is all about—helping people help themselves. You have demonstrated in your communities that you have the knowledge and skills to implement projects that will last.

The challenge ahead is to sustain these projects. The same energy and enthusiasm you showed to identify, design and complete these projects must now guide you to keep them delivering benefits to your community.  I have every confidence that the people of Leyte will continue to do their part to maintain these projects and to create an even stronger community of opportunity, growth and prosperity today and well into the future.

Salamat! Thank you!