MCC Quarterly Town Hall Meeting, September 2013

On September 13, 2013, MCC hosted a town hall meeting with topics of discussion including open data and transparency, status of the proposed compact with El Salvador, and key results from completed compacts in Lesotho, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Related Country Programs

  • Lesotho Compact

    MCC's investments aimed to increase the availability of water for household and industrial use, enhance watershed management and conservation methods, rehabilitate health infrastructure and strengthen health systems, and remove barriers to private investment.

  • Mongolia Compact

    MCC's compact with Mongolia invested in strengthening property rights, reducing non-communicable diseases and injuries, bolstering vocational education, reducing air pollution, and constructing an all-weather road to link markets.

  • Morocco Compact

    The compact increased productivity and improve employment in high-growth sectors like fruit tree productivity, fisheries and artisan crafts. Financial services investments and enterprise support complemented small business creation and economic growth.

  • Mozambique Compact

    MCC sought to increase productivity, income generation and poverty reduction in the northern provinces of Mozambique by improving water and sanitation, roads, land tenure, and agriculture.

  • Tanzania Compact

    MCC's $698.1 million Tanzania Compact, completed in 2013, was designed to benefit more than five million people by investing in the country through targeted infrastructure improvement projects in transportation, energy and water.