Catalyzing Economic Growth in Latin America: New approaches to regional aid effectiveness

Co-hosted by MCC and the Council of the Americas with keynote remarks by Asst. Secretary of State Jose Fernandez, this event focused on aid effectiveness in Latin America through the lens of private sector development, including lessons learned from the region.

Related Country Programs

  • El Salvador Compact

    MCC is fueling economic growth in El Salvador's Northern Zone through technical assistance, rehabilitation of roads, credit, and investments in people—including vocational education, better water and sanitation services and an improved energy supply.

  • Honduras Compact

    MCC aimed to increase productivity in the agricultural sector by increasing the productivity and business skills of small- and medium-size farm employees and to reduce transportation costs between production centers and markets.

  • Nicaragua Compact

    MCC invested in the western part of the country—the region identified as having the greatest potential for economic growth—via technical and financial assistance and the rehabilitation of roads.