Success Stories

  • Driving Commerce in Senegal’s Casamance Region

    MCC rebuilt a key, 157-mile stretch of a major east-west highway in the Casamance region of southern Senegal. This important corridor is a major investment to help promote and facilitate greater domestic and international trade.

  • Improved Irrigation Brings Greater Opportunity in Senegal

    MCC’s five-year, $540 million compact upgraded irrigation systems in Senegal, increasing rural incomes and boosting the economy of the Senegal River Valley.

  • Land and Land Rights for Landless of Senegal

    MCC and Senegal are working together to address complex land tenure issues that impede economic potential and agricultural productivity. In one area, those issues stretch back generations.

  • Building a Future with Vocational Skills in Namibia

    MCC-funded community skills development centers in Namibia are helping improve the country’s technical vocational education and training sector with the aim of developing a workforce that can fill jobs and boost household income.

  • Success means change for Namibian conservancy

    The residents of Namibia’s ≠Khoadi-//Hôas conservancy once relied on farming and livestock for their livelihoods. Now, there is a mix of revenue sources from farming, hunting and tourism—and the potential for local communities to prosper.

  • Burkinabé take possession of their land and their future

    The $60 million Rural Land Governance Project, part of MCC's compact with Burkina Faso is paving the way for greater investment in the country's rural lands and opportunities for economic growth among farmers.

  • Burkina Faso’s family farmers shift from local growers to regional exporters

    MCC's first compact with Burkina Faso put family farmers on the path from local growers to regional exporters and fulfilled the promise of growth and prosperity through improved roads, better agriculture and land rights.

  • From all Angles: BRIGHT Schools Improve Girls' Education

    MCC built classrooms and launched adult literacy campaigns in the communities of Burkina Faso where girls’ education rates were the lowest. Enrollment and completion rates have increased, as have students’ math and language scores.

  • How Water and Sanitation Bring Dignity to Cabo Verdeans

    The Cabo Verde Compact’s Social Access Fund is helping the country’s poorest families connect their homes to the country’s water and sanitation utility networks. This is helping families save money and time while reducing incidences of waterborne diseases.

  • A Better Future through Poultry Production

    Poultry production is an important industry—especially for women—in parts of Burkina Faso. MCC is helping many of these women address the problem of high animal mortality rates stemming from poor hygiene, malnutrition and a lack of suitable poultry houses.

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