Success Stories

  • Improved Irrigation Brings Greater Opportunity in Senegal

    MCC’s five-year, $540 million compact upgraded irrigation systems in Senegal, increasing rural incomes and boosting the economy of the Senegal River Valley.

  • Water and women in Jordan

    Women are receiving business training, access to finance and job training as part of the Jordan Compact -- all with the aim of more effectively improving water quality and quantity in one of the driest countries on earth.

  • How Water and Sanitation Bring Dignity to Cabo Verdeans

    The Cabo Verde Compact’s Social Access Fund is helping the country’s poorest families connect their homes to the country’s water and sanitation utility networks. This is helping families save money and time while reducing incidences of waterborne diseases.

  • Working Together to Bring Water to Lesotho

    MCC partnered with governments and organizations from the United States, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East to help build the Metolong Dam, a key to Lesotho’s water security and one of the its largest infrastructure programs since independence in 1966.

  • Prosperity Among the Trees

    MCC’s Fruit Tree Productivity Project aims to boost Morocco’s agricultural sector by rehabilitating existing olive trees, expanding production of olive and almond trees, helping farmers move from cereals to fruit trees, and increasing irrigation efficiency.

  • Clean Water Transforms Mozambican Community

    Men and women throughout Mecupes describe the arrival of clean water as a monumental event. Before the arrival of Mecupes' water point, the search for water from nearby rivers took hours—much as it does across rural Mozambique.

  • MCC Completes First Major Build-Operate- Transfer Project Financing In Jordan

    Jordan is among the world's driest countries. Water scarcity impacts every aspect of daily life. In response, MCC is expanding the As-Samra wastewater treatment facility by financing a major build-operate-transfer project.

  • MCC Helps Sustain Eradication of the Guinea Worm

    For ages, Ghanaians who live in the northern parts of Ghana relied on stagnant water for their main drinking supply and risked contracting Guinea worm disease. Learn how MCC's Ghana Compact helped to ensure long-term eradication of the disease.

  • Pipelines to Opportunity

    Borjomi, a town famous for its natural mineral springs located in south-central Georgia, is a gateway to national parks in the region. The town is working to promote tourism as a means to economic growth.

  • MCC Works with Donors to Bring Reliable Water Services and Safe Drinking Water to Poti

    Imagine having only two hours of running water per day. Now, try to picture how this situation would impact not only your own household but local services and businesses, including hospitals, restaurants, hotels and factories.

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