Success Stories

  • Linking Moldova to international markets

    By rebuilding 59.7 miles of a major north-south highway in Moldova, Europe's poorest country, MCC linked important trade markets and helped Moldova build a national road network worthy of a modern European nation.

  • Burkina Faso’s family farmers shift from local growers to regional exporters

    MCC's first compact with Burkina Faso put family farmers on the path from local growers to regional exporters and fulfilled the promise of growth and prosperity through improved roads, better agriculture and land rights.

  • The Road to Prosperity

    MCC widened and paved 65 kilometers of road from Tanga to Horohoro in Tanzania, helping provide a vital link to regional markets. The upgrade means that a paved highway route now exists between Dar es Salaam and Mombasa for the first time.

  • Building a Prosperous Future, One Kilometer at a Time

    Elsa Bolaños, a resident of El Salvador's Northern Zone, put her decades of experience in civil engineering to work on building a section of the Northern Transnational Highway.

  • From a Road to a Highway

    With a cross-sector approach to transforming agribusiness development across 30 districts in Ghana, MCC's $547 million compact undertook and completed one of Ghana's most significant infrastructure projects: a critical section of the N1 highway.

  • Vanuatu's Road to Economic Growth

    The $65.69 million compact with the Government of Vanuatu rehabilitated two critical roads on Efate and Santo Islands, Vanuatu's two largest islands. The 149.7 kilometers of rehabilitated roadways have become gateways to economic growth and community activity.

  • Road Construction Activities Improve Lives of Mbinga Residents

    Poor transportation infrastructure in Mbinga, Tanzania has been a contributing factor to high commodity prices and lack of access to health and education services; the MCC Compact in Tanzania includes a project upgrading the regional road from Peramiho Junction

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