Success Stories

  • A Partnership Brings STEM Education to Young Women in Georgia

    MCC’s partnership with San Diego State University to bring STEM education to Georgia is a key part of the $140 million Georgia Compact. Young men and women now have the opportunity to earn internationally accredited degrees in STEM fields in their home country.

  • In El Salvador, a Highway to Education, Opportunity and Prosperity

    Since the 2012 opening of the MCC-funded Northern Transnational Highway in El Salvador’s mountainous northern zone, travel is easier, services are more accessible and teachers, students and business owners have new opportunities.

  • Building a Future with Vocational Skills in Namibia

    MCC-funded community skills development centers in Namibia are helping improve the country’s technical vocational education and training sector with the aim of developing a workforce that can fill jobs and boost household income.

  • In Mongolia, the Right Training for a More Successful Future

    As part of MCC's $285 million compact with Mongolia, thousands of workers have received training in skills that meet international standards, placing their country in a much better position to attract investment and grow the economy.

  • From all Angles: BRIGHT Schools Improve Girls' Education

    MCC built classrooms and launched adult literacy campaigns in the communities of Burkina Faso where girls’ education rates were the lowest. Enrollment and completion rates have increased, as have students’ math and language scores.

  • More than Letters and Numbers

    More than 30,000 adults across Morocco attended MCC-funded literacy classes, with coursework tailored to people in the fishing, agriculture and handicrafts industries. As students studied, they also learned valuable skills to help them with their jobs.

  • One Institute: Many Dreams

    MCC’s Artisan and Fez Medina Project is helping about 2,100 student study traditional handicrafts at in Fez, Morocco. Students are attending classes to prepare them for careers in carpentry, ironwork, ceramics, leather, and textiles.

  • A Better Life by Working Together

    The Gender Integration Program in Tanzania helped train about 1,000 people in skills like finances, organizational management and entrepreneurship to more fully integrate men and women into the economy. One group in Dodoma is already seeing big results.

  • BRIGHT Schools Are a Shining Example of Sustainable Girls' Education in Burkina Faso

    Father Isidore Ouedraogo was pleasantly surprised to see that the BRIGHT schools project had already broken ground on the village of Tangasgo's first school.

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